"Brought by the Deceiver himself in the winter of 2012 to fulfill the predestined existence of this World. Brodnik, V.B., Mora, Spasm and Tymnokryw ride together through a stream of dark energy and only an year later we are proud to release a blast of a demo called "Altars / Tunnels" with DIY CD release and tape through Serpent Eve Records. 

The following Upyr created for one year is still small in number but brave in heart and rare in dedication. And in the post apocalyptic ashes of society we're called upon to establish a doom metal union!

We salute you!!!"

Since the release of "Altars / Tunnels" Vedmak replaced guitarist Tymnokryw, the band stormed through various live rituals, including dates in Bulgaria and abroad with bands such as Kylesa, Septicflesh and Whitehorse. Currently the band has recorded two new songs for a split vinyl with aforementioned Australian barbarians Whitehorse.

Upyr interview by Wonderbox Metal


Upyr - "Altars / Tunnels" (EVE 003)

Factory-duplicated cassette & j-card.
Limited to 200 copies.

(We are down to last 5 copies!) 

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